Our Purpose

Ranch Life for Legends & Heroes Foundation (RLF) is a California, public-benefit nonprofit corporation dedicated to preserving the traditional cowboy lifestyle and values through teaching horsemanship, communication, and bonding with horses.

Why Ranch Life?

So many veterans, active military members, and first responders suffer silently and do not know where to turn. Our ranch offers a safe place where participants can spend time and find those who are willing to listen. On the ranch, horses are the conduit we use to connect to each participant. Horses help to teach patience, kindness, and unconditional love.

Ranch Life Mini Documentary

The Program

We offer our participants a 5-level program that begins with introducing the basics of horse care and working safely around horses. As participants progress to each level, they gain the ability to work independently with their horse because trust develops. Forming a bond of trust with the horse offers significant healing for our participants. Some of our participants suffer from memories of their past experiences and may experience other illnesses or disabilities. Our ultimate goal is to help participants transition back into society.

How the program survives

Our program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is supported by people who sincerely care and want to “give back” to OUR veterans, active military and first responders – those who have sacrificed so much for each one of us. The program operates primarily on donations and income generated from boarding fees, horsemanship training, and cowboy event fundraisers. Thank you again for your interest and support.
RLF is operated by a Board of Directors dedicated to this Mission, passionate Western Horsemen, and consists of Mark Drum, Executive Director and onsite Programs administrator, Jon Van Cleave, USAF Pararescueman Retired, and Terry Barger, USMC Fighter Pilot Retired. Among our volunteer team, we are very fortunate to have two dedicated, passionate members – Pete Miller and JD Clark. Pete Miller is a local businessman in Glendora, California and served in Vietnam as a Navy corpsman. JD Clark lives in Norco, California and served in the United States Marine Corps and is also a Vietnam veteran. Their dedication and desire to help our participants is immeasurable.

You can help sustain this program

Both monetary and non-monetary contributions ensure the longevity of this program. Discover how your time or money can make the difference in these heroes lives. Several sponsorship programs are also available.

Ruben Figueroa

Ranch Foreman

“I’ve been working for the ranch for over 12 years. I have seen a lot of veterans come through that our program has worked wonders on. Some are still with us and some have moved on. I volunteer my own time for the veterans program every day. I only wish I had more time to help. Now my boys have both joined the military and I can only hope that this program is still going strong if they should ever need a place to relax, heal or just hang out with other vets.”