We save eachother...

It goes without saying that a horsemanship program needs horses. These members of our family are a vital part of this program and also have some incredible stories to share. Often they are donated or rescued, but in the end, they are saving us.


Wonder Pony or as most people know him by ” W.P. “, is a 20 year old gelding paint horse. As his name implies he is definitely one of our most beautiful and most requested horses to ride. He is mild tempered and can take all types of riders from young to old, beginners to advanced. He likes to please and is very forgiving when a rider makes a mistake. On the ground he likes to walk at a slow pace but make no mistake, when you want to open him up on a lope, he will not disappoint. Thank you W.P for your service.


Showtime was donated by veteran, Air Force, Jon Vancleave who is also a member of the board. Showtime is 15 years old and is used at the ranch for horsemanship, family days, pasture gathering and much more. Showtime has helped many people with anxiety and depression, but overall, he is known for putting a smile back on someone’s face.

Dry Sand

Dry Sand is 32 years old but still looks amazing! Dry Sand is a retired rodeo rope horse and used for many other events. Dry Sand was given to Paislee Drum from Les Thomas and then Paislee donated to the veterans riding program. Dry Sand is very active and loves his job while children of veterans and first responders love him. He has taught many people how to ride and what means to be loved. Dry San is truly a four Legged hero!


Ladybug is owned and paid for every month by Sylvia Franke. Dawn our bronze star veteran & retired California highway patrol officer is trusted and assigned the use of this great horse. Ladybug has lifted Dawn more then we will ever know and has helped dawn through some very tough times. Often, Dawn just rides around the ranch to relax and clear her head.


Stetson was donated by Stephanie Drum. Stetson is 22 years old. He spent most of his life as a barrel racer and trail horse for Mark’s wife. Stetson has since retired from barrel racing and spends his time giving kids of veterans / first responders rides on family, horseman’s day and similar events. He is a horse that never acts up and is always happy to please. He adjusts his ride to the capabilities of the rider.


Peppy was donated by Dr. Wayne Clark, a friend and supporter of the program who is also a fellow team roper. Peppy is a 25 year old retired rodeo team roping horse in which many cowboys have won plenty of prizes, saddles, and buckles on this horse. Peppy’s calm demeanor  helps our veterans learn to be cowboys. We can put anyone on Peppy and never have to worry about him hurting anyone. These guys are our 4 legged heroes…


Mack is owned by Manny and Diane Gonzales. Manny and Diane takes care of all the up keep on Mack including board, shoes, vet bills, worming etc. Mack is really cool and unique because he’s a Bureau of Land Management rescued mustang! He has draft horse blood, is big and can handle a lot of weight. Mack is a great ranch horse. You can carry flags, rope off of him , gather cattle, trail ride and much more!

Johnny Cash

Johnny cash was bought and donated by Pete Miller, Vietnam veteran corpsmen and the president of the Veterans Benefit Team Roping Foundation. Johnny Cash has has helped heal many participants which helped in bringing families back together.


Moonshine came to us since his owner and him did not get along. He is a beautiful horse that receives a lot of attention. He has been creating relationships with a few of our regular veterans and will one day be a fully trusted member of our four-legged heroes.


Turbo was donated by Steve Terraza and family. He belonged to Steve’s best friend, Jeff Martin, who sadly was murdered on June 21, 2014. The horse was willed from the Martin family to the Terraza family and now to the Ranch Life family. Steve said he donated the horse because Turbo has a bigger heart than anybody he’s ever met and will do a lot of good things for veterans. To this day he’s helped a lot of people.


Tank is somewhere between 29 and 31. He is attentive and affectionate. He be a bit stubborn at times which only challenges ones self confidence and promotes patience. Perfect for any level rider and a wonderful support when needing your spirits lifted.