Roping Ground Lessons & Hot Heels
For beginners to expert, learn and improve basic fundamentals and eliminating bad habits. Hot Heels exercises include running mechanical steer behind a quad.
Saddle Up and Ride
We train you how to ride and sit in the saddle. Basic fundamentals on maneuvering a horse and learning balance.
Horsemanship Day
Open riding, so saddle up on available horses and have fun! Pole bending and barrel racing equipment is available. We also teach how to ride bareback.
Saddled Fundraiser
An advanced team roping event where everyone is welcome to participate. Saddle up your horse let's see what you've learned!
Family Day
A once a month event put on by Veterans Benefit Team Roping Foundation. Wholesome fun learning to ride, rope and spending time with eachother. Lunch is always included.